Our Story

Pennsylvania United is a grassroots organization with member-led chapters that build power for working-class families in Western PA. We come to this work because both political parties have failed to address the critical needs of communities of color and white working-class families, in both rural and urban areas. Politicians and corporations try to divide us by race and geography, and for many decades have been succeeding. We believe the only way to combat this division is to rebuild progressive organizing infrastructure in the communities that have experienced historic disinvestment from both economic opportunities and organizing resources. We work every day to develop long-term organizing relationships that reconnect working-class people to power, and to build a multi-racial working-class movement for statewide change.

“I’m a dues-paying member because this is the most powerful organization that gets the word out about all the change I ever dreamed of.”

Kevin Johnson

Voice of Westmoreland

Pennsylvania United believes that we can achieve more by coming together, whether that’s in our individual communities or across Western PA. We also believe that people in their own communities know what they need and are positioned best to know what will move people to action. Because of these values, our local chapters drive most of our work and set the agenda for the campaigns we take on collectively. Over the past three years, our local chapters passed legislation banning the box on job applications for county jobs in Beaver, shifted the political narrative in Erie around equitable development to center the needs of working-class families and communities of color, and ran a member drive with the Voice of Westmoreland–an all-volunteer grassroots group–to build a chapter of over 200 dues-paying members and self-fund a full-time organizer.

Our members in Erie also recruited and ran a slate of three young, progressive candidates of color resulting in the first progressive champion elected to Erie City Council!

“I ran with Erie County United because ECU stands for the people. They fight for a community that is racially, economically, and educationally equitable – ECU stands for the things I stand for.”

Davona Pacley

Member of Erie County United and Candidate for Erie City Council

Our members and staff are ready to go all in to win issue campaigns, win elections, and build power for working class people all over Pennsylvania. Join Us.

“I never thought that the things happening around me mattered until I started working for Beaver County United. The work we do is not only important for us now, but also impacts our children’s future and that’s what makes it all worth it for me.”

Heaven Lee, Beaver County Canvass Lead