ECU Renters Campaign

No matter what we look like, or what part of town we call home, we all want to make things better for our families and future generations.

But for too long, our communities have suffered under the weight of disinvestment by our leaders and greedy developers,
extracting resources from our communities while speeding up displacement by pricing out long-time residents. We know that when we come together to fight back against ineffective leaders and greedy developers, we’ll all be better off.

Right now, we are working towards a Right to Counsel Law that would provide tenants with free legal representation and counseling services during major housing eviction cases.

As it stands, low-income tenants are facing eviction in Housing Court. Tenants rarely have legal representation, but landlords do! Erie County United is seeking your help to introduce a free legal representation service called Right to Counsel for tenants here in Erie. Please sign our petition and together we can stop the eviction crisis and tenants won’t have to face eviction alone!

Our sister chapters have fought and won for renters including:

Marty Nwachukwu
Erie County united director