Central PA United

Central PA United is building independent political power in Central Pennsylvania for working-class families. Our organizing bridges issue-based campaigns and strategic electoral politics. We participate in elections to ensure that our representatives align as much as possible with our values. We use the election process to engage our community in discussions about the issues shaping their lives.

These issues include police violence and accountability, affordable and safe housing, affordable health care—especially mental health care—public transportation, access to abortion, voting rights, and combating white supremacy in Centre County. We believe that residents have the right to participate in developing solutions to these pressing issues through a process of co-governance. That means returning decision-making power to the community. It means consistently engaging with our families, friends, and neighbors, helping empower them to participate in all decisions that affect their daily lives—not just at election time.

“I want to work for laws, policies, and candidates that strengthen social safety nets, not aim to destroy it. That is why I am a member of Central PA United.”

Delores M. Gibney, MSW, LSW

member of Central pa United

For 2022, Central PA United has identified housing justice as our central organizing issue. Affordable housing is a major concern among our members and within our community as a whole. As we move forward, we will be coordinating with other local groups to plan tactics and strategies that advance housing justice, including public political education and communication, deep canvassing, and other campaigns that encourage people to take action on these issues.


Our members and staff are ready to go all in to win issue campaigns, win elections, and build power for working-class people all over Pennsylvania.

Shirley Gorski
Central PA United Organizer


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