Pennsylvania United

Fighting for and with working class people to build communities that work for all of us in Western PA.

What We’ve Done

Flipped PA for Biden: made over 3 million calls and sent over 1 million texts to flip Erie County and increase Democratic vote share in four counties for the first time since 1992

Deep Leadership Development: ran long-term training programs in 2020 and 2021 that helped over 75 of our members take on new leadership roles and recruited 26 members to run for local office

Elected Movement Candidates: PA United PAC, a connected organization of PA United, won 22 of 26 primaries in 2021 to elect our members to City Councils and School Boards across Western PA

Built New Chapters: partnered with grassroots leaders in Westmoreland and Crawford Counties to run membership drives, signing up over 500 dues-paying members to self-fund full-time organizers and launch new chapters

Why Pennsylvania United

Over the course of the past half-century, small cities and towns across Western PA have experienced historic disinvestment from both economic opportunities and organizing resources. This disinvestment was one of the main reasons that Donald Trump won the state of Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes in 2016. National groups and political consultants are consistently naming Pennsylvania as the central swing state in the 2020 elections.

PA United works to connect communities of color with white working-class communities in counties across Western PA around issues of equitable development with environmental protections, increasing the minimum wage, criminal justice reform, and support for workers organizing in unions. We organize with people by connecting issues with politics and building a multi-racial, working class movement for long-term change.


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