Do you want to build a movement of people that can win in 2020? 

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In 2016, Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by only 44,292 votes. Since Trump’s election, we have made tremendous gains across our state building grassroots political power in small cities, towns, and rural areas. These efforts are already changing what’s possible. But to win in 2020 and build our power for long-term change, we need hundreds of everyday Pennsylvanians — people like you — to step up and help build a movement of people who will go all in to win in 2020.

There is only one political force that can fix our democracy and create a Pennsylvania that works for all of us. That force is us. So many people have struggled to make our state and our nation better. Now it’s our responsibility to take on this work.

The 2020 Fellows Program is a volunteer, year-long program for working people across Pennsylvania. Fellows will draw thousands of people who have been disconnected from politics into the political process and build a community of people committed to revitalizing our democracy. Together, we will be able to bring in the thousands of volunteers necessary to win in 2020 and build progressive infrastructure for the long-term.

Are you interested in joining the 2020 Fellows Program? Click here to apply! All applications are due by midnight on 1/24/20.

The 2020 Fellows Program is a joint project of Pennsylvania Stands Up and Pennsylvania United. Learn more about our organizations at and

Still have more questions? Check out the 2020 Fellows Program Frequently Asked Questions and Volunteer Principles!