Pennsylvania United

Fighting for and with working class people to build communities that work for all of us in Western PA.

What We’ve Done

Group of people in Crawford County United wearing tshirts supporting Larry and Autumn for city council

Running and endorsing candidates who will work with members and community leaders to advance progressive change. 20 of our slate candidates have been sworn into elected office!

Leadership Trainings
Building a movement requires leaders. At PA United, we invest in our members by holding leadership trainings each year.

Two smiling Black women standing on a porch while canvassing

Deep Canvassing
Compassion and deep listening break division. Deep canvassing fosters real conversations about the issues voters care about – resulting in flipping key counties blue in the 2020 presidential and 2022 PA State Governor’s race.

Group of people in front of the State College Borough building holding signs, fighting for renters' rights

Housing Justice
Rent continues to sky rocket, while landlords neglect properties. Safe and affordable housing for all is crucial. Through co-governance, we enacted an Anti-Retaliation Bill and a Rental Inspection Program in Meadville, and a Tenants’ Bill of Rights in State College.

Why Pennsylvania United

Over the course of the past half-century, small cities and towns across Western PA have experienced historic disinvestment from both economic opportunities and organizing resources. Corporate interests have exploited workers for profit while corporate landlords displace fixed-income renters or force tenants to live in unsafe homes. This moment is defined by deepening inequalities and the breakdown of social trust in community organizations’ ability to help grapple with these realities.

PA United works to connect communities of color with white working-class communities in counties across Western PA. Our individual experiences of exploitation, oppression, trauma, and debt fuel our collective desire for economic, social, and environmental justice. We draw upon our communities’ roots of deep organizing to put people ahead of profits and forge unbreakable solidarities.

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